Customers are starting to look for opportunities to apply AI to their businesses, identifying AI experts that help leverage AI innovations for solving their unique challenges and implementing intelligently build systems that replicate human tasks but do these tasks quicker and cheaper, anytime and anywhere. Our dedicated AI and ML Center of Excellence at our Toronto and India AI Service Delivery Centre has been delivering outstanding prediction and forecasting solutions based on statistical models. It leverages advanced software tools from our various AI and ML technology partners.

Our team is built to assist customers with Artificial intelligence adoption and will bring an enormous benefit to your business. From sales to finance to operations – we've got the skills to make your business functions work better, faster and scale to your local / global requirements.


AI for Finance - One of our use cases, we can assist in deploying AI to assist with allocating capital more efficiently. 

AI for Human Capital - One of our use cases, applying AI to predict the best candidates to hire to increase employee engagement and retention. 

AI for Sales - One of our use cases, we can assist in deploying AI to assist with lead scoring engine to increase conversion rates.


Our machine learning software development services involve leveraging industry leading self-learning algorithms that can minimize errors and maximize accuracy with time. Team has hands-on experience with R/Python programming languages, Apache Spark, Hadoop, and Scikit-Learn data science tools, and Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch deep learning frameworks. Systems powered by ML analyze data and learn new things from them which results in fast and reliable insights delivered without any human intervention.