Is Change management important for Cloud Application Implementations? 

Updated: May 21, 2018

Change management may not be the only reason for the success of your Technology led cloud transformation program, but it can be the only reason for the failure of the same.

Mid-size organizations aspiring to grow faster at a 4X rate compared to the growth of the industry in which they operate very often don’t consider change management as a significant pillar of their implementation roadmap and just focus on process, data and user training. In the process of this ignorance, they land up signing up for a future system that all the users have not seen or agreed to use. Most of the product decisions are taken at sponsor levels who work in tandem with the organizational business objectives and very often than not ignore the basic need of the end users which are typically functional owners like Financial analyst /HR Analyst /Procurement clerks etc.

These Cloud application implementations start with poor communication plans, myopic view of training plans and absolutely no adoption plan in place. With such poor readiness for change management, the implementation might go very well but when it concludes, the end users might not find it easy to use the system which translates into little or no process efficiency thereby putting a question mark on the intent of the transformation altogether.

So here is what any mid-size organization planning to embark on a cloud application journey should do to ensure they blend in essential elements of change management into their cloud implementation process:

  • Review user behavior from the past to assess pattern of typical response to any change that has happened.

  • Devise a communication and training strategy to feed into your overall user enablement plan

  • Create change networks with representation from all genres of people from across the organization who would be exposed to the system in some or the other way.

  • Involve change network leads to participate in workshops and user testing activities

  • Plan interventions with communication about progress of the program to all at regular intervals, collect feedback through regular surveys and open houses if possible.

  • Measure adoption post go live.

To know more about our blended cloud implementation methodology which takes care of your organizational change management, EAInfoBiz Inc is happy to help and share detailed methodology with deliverables to help you succeed in your cloud journeys.

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