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Updated: Jul 18, 2018

The decision to commit to an Oracle EBS/PeopleSoft/JDE upgrades or initiate the planning for an upgrade is often complex and requires customers to mobilize a number of planning activities internally, while justifying the value beyond merely reducing costs and staying compliant with the latest version of the technology. In today’s economic and cloud enabled environment, “doing the same things better on premise or delivering AS IS Upgrades” with a newer release, isn’t good enough anymore without delivering value. - Quote from a CFO

CIO / CFO/ CHRO and stakeholders are often getting asked the following questions by their constituents:

  • Why are we not delivering value along with our upgrades?

  • What is Oracle doing to make this easy for us?

  • What are System Integrators or our partners doing to rapidly helps us upgrade while adding value to our end users?

  • Why are we not maximizing on this upgrade opportunity to eliminate manual workarounds or challenges our end users are faced with?

  • Have our System Integrators invested in building / deploying tools to perform upgrade faster?

  • How do ensure our testing time during an upgrade is minimized?

  • How do ensure our teams precision time is not wasted testing basic functionality vs. things that be truly impacted to ensure we are doing our due diligence?

  • Can our chosen system integrator do initial pass in less than 3 weeks ?

  • Can really leave the technical upgrade to our system upgrade and really focus on essential Quick Wins for our end users?

EAInfoBiz Inc. has built an unique EASS Upgrade Delivery Team as an integral part of its  consulting and managed service team across US, Canada and India.  This team’s collaboration with our very own Accelerator Development Team is another example of our continued ongoing research and development initiative to provide measurable value to our customers.

EAInfoBiz Inc. has  EASS Upgrade Delivery Team located across its regional offices and constitutes of our certified PeopleSoft /  EBS /  JDE Enterprise team members across its US, Canada and India offices.

Ask us how our Upgrade Lab is a true differentiator for our customers.

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