Reduce Time-to-Test with AppTester for all your PeopleSoft applications.

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Today, most customers that use the PeopleSoft Applications are challenged with the time it takes to test an application functionality, deploy new functionality, deploy fixes, or implement regulatory / legislative updates; prior to migrating them into the production environments or implementing new modules. Ask us how we have managed to enhance the capability the out-of-the-box PTF functionality with our AppTester Tool:

  • Reduce time-to-test common features that are used frequently

  • Reduce time-to-build test scripts and keep them updated continuously

  • Reduce test execution time and time to conduct analysis on testing results

  • How both IT and Business users can collaborate better by using reusable scripts

  • How to use a consistent testing approach and scripts across all environments

  • How to quickly create new testing scenarios

  • How to quickly replicate same test with different attributes of data or configuration

  • How focus on testing exceptions and not the norm

  • How to select and assign testing data required of testing

  • How to execute test on the server side vs. user desktop

  • How to reduce the time to test PUM Image Impact to IT and Business

  • How do we mitigate the common shortfalls of PeopleSoft Testing Framework utility

  • How to enable business process template based testing approach within the organization

EAInfoBiz Inc. has an unique Accelerator Development Team as an integral part of its continued ongoing research and development initiative to develop business efficiency tools that can be plug and play utilities for customers using PeopleSoft Applications. This team’s development technique is often classified as bolt-ons or upgrade friendly enhancements.

EAInfoBiz Inc. has Accelerator Development Team located across its regional offices and constitutes of our certified PeopleSoft /  eBusiness /  JD Enterprise / ADF / Fusion / Taleo team members.

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